Welcome to warmth in winter, to mountains high, rivers wide, and the startling beauty of wild horses galloping across the desert.

ARIZONA March 21-25, 2016

Scottsdale, AZ USA

Join Us! At VITAE SEMINARS’ Behavioral Healthcare Conference:

Human Resiliency, Horses, & Healing

An Integrated Behavioral Approach to the Treatment of Trauma

A blazing sun rises above the mountains and warms the desert floor. At Saguaro Lake Ranch authentic 1930 era private cabins dot the ‘dude ranch’ grounds. At the nearby marina kayakers glide past colorful boats as guests of the ranch saddle up for a day on horseback. Surrounded by the majestic beauty of the Tonto National Forest, yet just minutes away from downtown Scottsdale, "The Ranch" is the setting for an All Inclusive week of stimulating presentations, enjoyable excursions... more...

Join us in beautiful Arizona!

ITALY September, 2016

Sulmona, Italy
  • Sept 2016
  • Historic Sulmona
  • Abruzzo, Italy

Beautiful & Historic Abruzzo Italy

Seminar Topics coming soon.

Abruzzo is the perfect place to enjoy the convenience of modern technology without being inundated with tourists crowds. The slow paced relaxed environment coupled with the beautiful scenery makes Abruzzo a necessary stop during an Italian vacation. As Abruzzo expands and grows it is likely that some of its beauty will be lost so it is best to visit now before it becomes a tourist hot spot. You won't find luxury hotel chains and fast food restaurants in Abruzzo, but you will find friendly people with good character, pristine natural environments, charming towns, majestic mountains, sandy beaches, fine food, and medieval history as close as your fingertips.

Join us in the beautiful Abruzzo region of Italy

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Saguaro Lake Ranch
Sulmona, Italy

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